Ad Campaign Management

Managing Google Adwords isn’t just about clicks and performance, it’s about ensuring that those clicks are coming from the right people, who are seeing the right message in the right way.


Additional Sign-Up Fee

We manage the goals, targets, keywords, copy and targeting of your Adwords campaign and integrate it directly into our other marketing efforts on your behalf. We use competitive bidding methods and a combination of technical and creative techniques aimed at increasing the quality of your leads. Our team members will make regular adjustments to your bidding strategy and ad copy in order to guide your advertising campaign to greater success.

What is the setup process like in Google Adwords Management?

  1. Service or product keyword study
  2. Creation of ad copy based on relevancy score
  3. Set a bidding schedule
  4. Automate optimization to minimize waste in the campaign (where possible/applicable)


How is Google Adwords managed on an ongoing basis?

  1. Monthly manual review of your account for click performance, conversions and goal movement (a weekly review is done for larger campaigns)
  2. Investigate notable positive and negative movement
  3. Identify opportunities and implement relevant changes to the campaign


What is the pricing Adwords Services at Marketeering Group?

  • $750 setup fee, plus:
    • Up to $1,000 = $450
    • $1,001 – $2,500 = $650
    • $2,501 – $5,000 = $975
    • $5,001 – $7,500 = $1,200

What systems are used to manage adwords at Marketeering Group?

  • Marketeering Group reserves the right to use the Adwords management systems and third-party providers of their choice.

What to expect from the delivery of Google Adwords Management?

  • Marketeering Group will launch the campaign no sooner than two weeks after receiving the order, so as to ensure adherence to process.
  • Your account manager will manage reporting and deliver it along with their regularly scheduled report.
  • Your ad campaign will not go live without your approval (unless approval was provided ahead of completion).

What delivery limitations come with Google Adwords Management?

  • Marketeering Group does not guarantee specific conversion rates, only that we will work to improve them to the best of our ability.
  • Delays or inefficiencies in the delivery of this service that are caused by your lack of approval or failure in material delivery will in no way void your commitment to Marketeering Group or our fees involved with managing and administrating your campaign(s).