Privacy Policy Add-On


(One Time Cost)

Online data privacy laws are becoming increasingly common around the world, and privacy policies are now a must for almost any website. If you collect any personal data from website visitors, including a name and email from a contact form, or even tracking data from Google Analytics, you need a Privacy Policy.

While hiring a privacy lawyer to write up an individual policy for your company is typically the best option, it’s not always feasible for small to medium businesses. In this case, we recommend Termageddon. Termageddon is a third-party privacy policy generator, crafted with language drafted by certified privacy attorneys, that automatically updates whenever new data privacy laws go into affect. The service costs $99 per year, and we will provide a referral code for a discount on the first payment.

Once you’ve generated your policies with Termageddon, provide us with the generated embed codes, and we will add the policies to your website, and make sure they are visibly linked on the site.

For more information on the importance of privacy policies see here:

For a list of common tools that may collect information on a website see here:

  1. You will receive a Website Policies Waiver along with your contract for a marketing package or new website build with Marketeering Group. This waiver includes options to provide your own privacy policy, forgo a policy, or sign on with Termageddon.
  2. If you choose to sign on with Termageddon, we will provide you with a referral link that will give you with a discount on your first payment. We suggest the yearly payment method in order to get the largest discount.
  3. We will also connect you directly with the Termageddon team, who will help take you through the set up process for your new account.
  4. Marketeering Group will do a preliminary scan of your website, and provide you with a list of tools we find that are collecting personal information on your website. This list is not guaranteed to be a complete accounting of all information collected on the site, and we recommend that you complete your own audit of the site, as well.
  5. Once you’ve set up your Termageddon account, you will go through a survey answering questions about your business and website, in order generate your Privacy Policy. The specialists at Termageddon will be able to help walk you through this process.
  6. As part of your Termageddon account, you will also have the option to create a Terms of Service, Disclaimer, and End User License agreement. Termageddon will be able to help you determine if you need these documents for your website.
  7. Once you are finished generating your applicable policies, you’ll share the embed codes with Marketeering Group, and we will take care of embedding them onto your website and making sure they are visibly linked on the site.
  • Marketeering Group does not assume any legal responsibility for your website or your compliance with any applicable privacy laws.
  • We are not lawyers and do not claim to provide any legal advice. We are providing a recommended third-party service, only. It is the client’s responsibility to determine if this third party service will meet their legal needs for privacy documents.
  • The client will be signing up with the Termageddon service directly, and must abide by all terms and conditions of that service.
  • Marketeering Group will not be responsible for any part of the Termageddon service, or the relationship between the client and Termageddon.