WordPress Website Build

When it’s time for a new website, we’re here to help. Using current design and development best practices, our designers and developers work directly with you to create a visually-appealing, user-friendly website for your business. Our basic site build includes one website, built in WordPress, with up to 10 static webpages and a basic contact form. Additional pages or website functionality can be purchased as add-ons. We use a design and development process that typically takes your new website from concept to reality in about 12 weeks.


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Additional Functionality

Please note that all additional functionality has extra charges that will be quoted separately.

Marketeering Group’s development department works with businesses large and small to build new websites, or transfer existing sites into WordPress, using the best design and development practices. Our team follows a design and development process that typically takes about 12 weeks for a basic build.

The first step is a consultation with a designer and developer, where we review your preferences for the new site’s design, structure and functionality. We also help you make a plan for any needed website content, including text and photos, which can be provided by the client, or purchased as an add-on.

You will have a chance to review and approve a sitemap and content plan before the build starts. You will then receive website design mock-ups of selected pages, and have an option for up to two rounds of review and revisions on the designs. Once the designs are approved, you will receive two rounds of website drafts, review meetings, and revisions. After the second round of revisions, you will receive a third and final draft for approval. Then we will launch your new website!

The basic site build includes one WordPress website with up to 10 static webpages and a basic contact form. Additional pages or website functionality can be purchased as add-ons. Functionality is custom quoted after a discussion of specific client needs.

  1. To start the process, you will receive a list of Website Discovery questions, which should be used to gather your thoughts about initial input on your site wants & needs.
  2. We will then schedule a Website Discovery Meeting with you and your Marketeering Group website team, to discuss your business and goals, as well as your answers to the Website Discovery questions.
  3. Based on feedback from this meeting, the developer and designer will work together to provide a couple of layouts with alternate designs inspired by your needs and goals. We will meet to walk you through the designs, and in this meeting we will narrow down to one design direction. This happens within two weeks of the Discovery Meeting.
  4. During this time, the Marketeering group team will also compile a proposed sitemap, as well as a list of any applicable content and media needs for the website.
  5. Once a design direction and sitemap are approved, and any needed content provided, the designer will get started on creating the dialed in mock-up. This will be sent to you for review, typically within one week of direction approval and receival of necessary content.
  6. After you provide any requested revisions, the designer will complete a second draft and send it to you for review.
  7. You will have one final opportunity to provide feedback, then the designer will create a final draft of the mock-ups for approval.
  8. Once the mock-ups are approved, the developer will then complete a first draft of the website and send it to you for review. This typically happens 3-4 weeks after the mock-ups are approved, or 2 weeks after all content is received (if later).
  9. A first draft review meeting is then scheduled. During this meeting, we will go through the entire draft in detail, discuss any revision requests, and create a second draft to-do list.
  10. The developer then completes a second draft and sends it to you for review, typically 2 weeks after the first review meeting.
  11. The second draft includes up to an additional 2 hours worth of revisions. These are typically minor edits, so there may be an option to do the second review as a meeting, or by leaving comments on our online website feedback tool.
  12. The developer then completes the third draft and sends it to the client for final approval to launch the site. This typically happens 1 week after the second review.
  13. If more revisions are needed at that point, they are charged hourly at $130 /hr.
  14. Once the final draft is approved, we schedule the launch of the site on your choice of hosting platform. Launch will typically be scheduled within a few days of approval.

The timeline is about 12 weeks total, but could be slightly more or less depending on scheduling for meetings, and, if applicable, any separate timelines for content (photos and text) that needs to be created. The timeline is also dependent on the client’s schedule, as delays in scheduling meetings or photoshoots, or in receiving any needed info about the business during the process may create delays. Any additional functionality will increase the base timeline. The new timeline will be detailed in the custom functionality quote.

What’s Included in the basic website build?

  • One website built in WordPress
  • Up to 10 static webpages
  • One basic contact form
  • One optional basic blog page
  • Three website drafts
  • Two review meetings
  • Two rounds of revisions

What’s not included in the basic website build?

  • Additional website functionality
  • Photos
  • Written content
  • Custom graphic design, beyond the included base website mock-up(s)
  • A site in any platform other than WordPress

The basic website build follows the process and timeline outlined in the “Process” section of this page.

Photo Content: Should you need photos for the launch of the new website, you may either purchase a photoshoot or purchase stock photos. Both options are additional expenses not included in the website development fee.

Written Content: Should you need written content for the launch of the new website, you may either provide us with the content, based on a list of needs provided by the developer, or you may purchase the content from our content writers for an additional charge.

Special Functionality: The base site build includes one basic contact form and one optional basic blog. Any additional functionality will be an add-on charge, which will be custom quoted based on the client’s specific needs. The client will be sent a custom quote based on the build plan, which will include charges for any paid tools as well as extra development time needed for the build. No additional functionality work will be completed until the client approves the quote.


  • Marketeering Group will report on the progress of the WordPress site build via email.
  • We will also note completion of the major site build checkpoints in our project management system, which you can access on request.
  • We will confirm your approval of all additional written content, photo content, and special functionality via email and, if billable, add the appropriate services to your invoice.


  • You are responsible for procuring and maintaining your own domain registration and providing Marketeering Group with access to the domain settings.
  • You may choose your own hosting provider, or choose to purchase our hosting and maintenance service for an additional monthly cost. If you maintain your own hosting account, you must provide Marketeering Group with full hosting account access in order to launch the website.
  • Marketeering Group does not manage or host email. Should you decide to use our hosting (additional service), you agree that email management will be performed separately.
  • Marketeering Group is not responsible for the caching issues or settings conflicts of your personal or business devices.
  • We will not grant access to view the development site until the first draft is complete. You will not have access to the back end of the new site during development.
  • Once assets and deliverables are approved by the client during the site build process, they are considered final. Any future edits to those assets and deliverables will be considered out-of-scope of the initial project, and quoted as an additional cost, at the hourly development rate. (For example, changes to the website architecture that are requested during the first draft review will be considered out of scope, since the sitemap is approved by the client before the first draft is started.)

Lead Qualification Questions:

  • Are they looking for / good with a new site built in WordPress?
    • If no – we cannot build a new site in a platform other than WordPress
  • Are they looking for us to build them a marketing website for their business, or a new custom web application/software platform?
    • If app/software – we are likely not the right fit for that type of project. Send the project details to the development team for evaluation.
  • What is their budget for the site build?
    • If under $4000 – we are not the right fit
  • What is their timeline for the site build?
    • For a simple build (no functionality & <15 pages):
      • If less than 8 weeks – there may be an additional rush fee applied
      • If less than 4 weeks – we may not be the right fit for the project
    • For a complex build (added functionality and/or 15+ pages):
      • If less than 12-16 weeks – there may be an additional rush fee
      • If less than 6 weeks – we may not be the right fit

Proposal Phase Questions:

  1. Do you have a current website? If so, what is the URL?
  2. Does your website need to perform any functionality, besides displaying static information for visitors to view? For example, do you need to sell products online, accept event registrations, allow users to sign in to view restricted content, etc.
  3. Do you have requests for the sitemap (the pages that will be on the website)? If you have a current website, are there any new pages you know you need to add, or ones you would like to remove?
  4. Do you need new text content for the site? If so, will you provide this, or would you like our team’s assistance?
  5. Do you need new photos or graphics for the website? If so, will you provide these, or would you like to purchase a photoshoot or a stock photo package?
  6. Do you have current branding guidelines and assets (logo, colors, fonts)? Do you need help creating or updating any of these assets?

Additional E-Commerce Proposal Phase Questions:

  1. How many products are you going to be offering?
  2. Are they all basic products that only have 1 option for each product or are there options (color, size, etc.) for the customer to choose from?
  3. If there are options, what are they, and how many choices are there for each? (Ex: Color – 5 choices, Size – 4 choices, etc.)
  4. Do the various options have different prices?
  5. Does your shop need to do anything other than display the products and allow people to purchase? For example, do you need membership, product filtering or comparisons, customizable product bundles, subscriptions, etc?
  6. Are there any special conditions on purchases? For example, are there minimum or maximum purchase amounts, quantity discounts, etc?
  7. Will you be shipping outside of the US? If yes, are there any limitations on where you will ship?
  8. Are you charging for shipping? If yes, will it be a flat fee everywhere or will it differ based on place, product, etc? If shipping changes, what are the parameters? Do you need to connect to a shipping provider to pull shipping rate calculations (UPS, FedEx, USPS)?
  9. Where do you need to charge tax? What are the rates?v
  10. Do you want on site payments or are you okay automatically directing people to PayPal to pay? If you want on-site payments, do you have a preferred credit card processor?
  11. Are there any other specifics about how the shop looks or works that I need to know?